Cardboard Plates

The Cardboard Plates are ideal for birthday parties, or meetings of friends or family in which the main objective is to save time and money, as well as gain in comfort for its condition of Disposable Dishes, because after enjoying this Ecological Dishes, you only have to throw it away. The Cardboard Plates are suitable for use in microwave and freezer, and are resistant to fats and oils. Take a look at this section and discover Cardboard Plates in different colors and sizes to suit any situation.

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In white for the more informal celebrations and in silver and gold for the more sophisticated ones, these Cardboard Plates are available in different sizes to be able to serve from the first canapés, to the desserts, including the main ones.

The Cardboard Plates of Monouso are all you need because of its multiple advantages. On the one hand, in spite of being disposable cardboard plates, they admit liquids without softening or breaking; this way, you can serve food with sauces and broths with complete peace of mind. And on the other hand, Disposable Cardboard Plates are extremely resistant, so they admit heavy foods such as meat or pasta without any problem. And they are suitable for heating in the microwave! Can you ask more from Disposable Cardboard Plates?

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