Biodegradable Plates

Biodegradable Plates are an ecological, sustainable and effective solution for food service. The Ecological Disposable Plates that you will find in this category, will allow you to present an elegant table in any party, catering or event, without leaving behind the design and the sophistication, but taking care of the Environment. Chinet Pulp Plates, Bio Sugar Cane Plates, Wheat Pulp Plates, Paper Plates, Palm Leaf Plates, Wooden Plates, Cardboard Plates and "Party" Cardboard Plates make up a wide range of Ecological Tableware that offers a multitude of options when it comes to decorate your table. Enjoy these Disposable Products outdoors, among friends, or at an important business meeting. Take a look at our Biodegradable Plates and discover that sustainability, design and value can go hand by hand.

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Our Biodegradable Plates offer high quality and are perfect for catering, parties and formal or informal events. Currently, we have a variety of ecological materials that make different Ecological Plates: Chinet Pulp Plates, Bio Sugar Cane Plates, Paper Plates, Palm Leaf Plates, Wooden Plates, Cardboard Plates and "Party" Cardboard Plates.

To be able to dress your table without damaging the environment at MonoUso we present our great selection of Biodegradable Tableware. A collection of Ecological Plates which is perfect for enjoying food in the most sustainable way.

Chinet Pulp Plates: it is the alternative to traditional Cardboard Plates. Environmentally friendly, Chinet Pulp Plates are resistant but light and are microwave suitable. We can find these plates in different sizes and decorations.

Bio Sugar Cane Plates: Also known as Sugar Fiber Plates or Bagasse Plates have a smooth and elegant finish. Available in two colors, they are mainly characterized for being Biodegradable Microwaveable Plates also suitable for freezer and resistant to oils. These Biodegradable Plates can be completely decomposed in two months.

Wheat Pulp Plates: Manufactured from wheat remains and under totally natural processes, Disposable Wheat Plates withstand temperatures ranging from -25 º C to 170 º C, being freezer, microwave and oven suitable. After being disposed, Compostable Wheat Plates will take 30 days to decompose.

Paper Plates: Very similar to Cardboard Plates, these Paper Plates are disposable, lightweight and can be used in the microwave and freezer. But this is not all! Contrary to what you might think, these Paper Plates can resist fats and oils.

Palm Leaf Plates: Possibly the most elegant Ecological Plates of the range. They are made directly from naturally Areca palm falen leaves and can be used in ovens and microwaves. If they are carefully hand washed, these Biodegradable Plates could become Reusable Plates.

Wooden Plates: Give an Elegant Disposable Plate to your table with these oven, microwave and freezer suitable Biodegradable Plates. In addition to all this, they are resistant to fats and oils.

Cardboard Plates and Cardboard Party Plates: These Biodegradable Plates are the perfect solution for parties and birthdays - especially for children - because of their great resistance. These Cardboard Plates can be put in the oven and microwave and resist fats and oils.

You can complete the range with Disposable Cutlery, Disposable Paper Cups and Paper Napkins.