Cake Boards

If you're a pastry lover, you're sure to know all the ins and outs of pie bases. On our website you will find a wide variety of sizes and colours so that you can choose the one that best suits your culinary creations.

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Cardboard cake bases are perfect for preparing and presenting all types of food. Although they are usually used as a base for cakes or pies, they can also be used for savoury foods. You just have to throw a little imagination at it!


They bring stability.
Practical and easy to use.

If you have a catering or tasting business or you like to organise house parties, picnics or barbecues, a very practical and simple option is to use these cake bases as plates. In addition, you can forget about cleaning as, thanks to the fact that they are disposable, cleaning and collecting will be a much quicker and easier task.

Another option widely used in baking shops is to use the cardboard discs between floors when making a large cake so that they provide greater stability and do not run the risk of resembling the Leaning Tower.

Our cardboard bases for baking are of high quality. Their resistance and lightness will prevent the cake from bending and spoiling it. Your creations are safe!

If you don't know where to buy cardboard cake bases, at MonoUso we have everything you need at a very affordable price.

We have different colours for you to choose the one that best matches your recipe: silver, black or gold, all of them will add a touch of sobriety and elegance to your dish. In addition, we also have different sizes to choose from: on the one hand, we have cardboard bases for mini cakes and cardboard bases for cake portions and on the other hand, large cardboard bases for cakes.

Get the model you like best and start baking your best desserts!

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