Compartment Trays

With the Plastic Trays with Compartments you can serve hot and cold or solid and liquid food in the same Plastic Tray. Widely used in fast food restaurants, canteens and hospitals, these Plastic Trays are the most hygienic option when serving a complete menu. Plastic Trays with Two Compartments and Plastic Trays with Two or more Compartments, together with Catering Trays, with which to present food, and Trays with Lids, make up a range of Plastic Trays with Compartments that will adapt to all your needs. Discover that saving time, money and space is possible.

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Discover the wide variety of Trays with Compartments that we offer you at Monouso with the aim of covering all your needs. Saving time, money and space is now possible thanks to these Plastic Trays with Compartments.

Compartmentalized trays are perfect for serving complete menus in self-service restaurants, schools and hospitals. But also for presentations in catering or food transport, if you use the Trays with Lids.

From Two-Compartment Trays to Six-Compartment Trays, they offer the possibility of serving hot and cold or solid and liquid food in the same plastic tray. Serve your soup next to a salad at the same time, without fear of the food coming together, as each food has its own ample space in these trays.

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