Plastic Deli Container Clear "Nachos" 2C 355ml (125 Units)

Ref 8585-125
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Plastic Deli Container Clear "Nachos" 2C 355ml (125 Units)
  • Plastic Deli Container Clear "Nachos" 2C 355ml (125 Units)
125 Units   €48.55 0,388€/Ud
€48.55 (tax incl.) 0,388€/Ud

Price per box of 125 units

Ref 8585-125

Total Dimensions

  • OPS (Polystyrene)
  • Rectangular
  • Yes
  • Si
  • 125

Plastic Deli Container Clear 2C 355ml (125 Units)

The price is for a box 125 Units.

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OPS: the ultimate food packaging solution

OPS: the ultimate food packaging solution

Imagine running a takeaway or home delivery business where every dish you prepare arrives on your customers' tables with the same freshness and quality as if they were sitting in your own establishment. That's where OPS plastic containers come in, your faithful allies in this culinary mission.

What sets them apart? They are made of OPS plastic, a variant of polystyrene derived from PS. This material is so versatile that it retains its shape and strength even with hot food, offering you a wide range of applications.

If your idea is to serve food fresh from the kitchen, even if it's miles away, we tell you more.

  • Top-notch heat resistance: have you ever had packages that give in to heat? With OPS, that's a thing of the past. This material withstands high temperatures, ensuring that your dishes stay hot and delicious all the way to their destination.
  • Robustness with unique lightness: OPS containers are like a perfect combination of strength and lightness, making them easy to handle and transport without sacrificing essential protection for your dishes.
  • Gastronomic versatility: from hot dishes to fresh salads, these packages not only maintain quality and presentation, but also add that gourmet touch to your creations, ensuring your customers have an exceptional dining experience wherever they enjoy your delicacies.

Compartmentalised packaging: everything in one package

Have you ever stopped to think about how to optimise space and improve presentation at the same time? Compartmentalised packaging is here to change the game. Imagine a packaging that not only stores your product, but also presents it in a neat and attractive way, clearly separating ingredients or portions. Doesn't it sound like the perfect ally for any business?

Packaging with compatible lids: a perfect match

Have you ever found yourself with a package and an accessory that just don't fit? The frustration is real. That's why, although this packaging doesn't come with a lid, we've simplified the process for you. In the accessories section of the product, you'll find a lid specifically designed to fit perfectly with this container.


Data sheet

Colour Clear
Total Dimensions 355 ml 2C
Design ClearPac
Material OPS (Polystyrene)
Product type Tray
Total capacity 355 ml
Certificates Food Contact
Shape Rectangular
Height 3,81 cm
Width 12,7 cm
Food Contact Yes
Disposable Yes
Family Monouso
Intrastat 39241000
Length 15,24 cm
Recyclable Si
Type Containers
Packs per Box 4
Price for 125
Units per Pack 125
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Plastic Deli Container Clear "Nachos" 2C 355ml (125 Units)

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Plastic Deli Container Clear "Nachos" 2C 355ml (125 Units)

355 ml 2C

Ref 8585-125

125 Units

48, 55€

0,388€/355 ml 2C

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Plastic Deli Container Clear 2C 565ml "Nachos" (125 Units)

565 ml 2C

Ref 8586-125

125 Units

72, 01€

0,576€/565 ml 2C

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