ClearPac OPS Plastic Deli Containers

ClearPac® OPS hot food packaging is ideal for presenting your products in an attractive, unique and transparent manner. ClearPac Plastic Containers provide the ideal showcase for bulk foods, salads, sandwiches and more. These Food Packs feature a wide side tab that adds strength to the closure and offers an easy way to open the pack.

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ClearPac Hot Packs are ideal containers for presenting and serving hot food to be transported home. These Food Containers will keep the temperature thanks to their clickable lid, this type of sealing prevents spills and possible stains.

Capture the attention of your customers by giving them a clear view of your product, with these ClearPac® Containers. Provide an attractive and exclusive presentation with Black ClearPac Containers. ClearPac Plastic Containers provide the ideal showcase for bulk foods such as salads, sandwiches and more. Available in a variety of sizes, all ClearPac OPS Containers can be combined with our clear, domed or flat lids, increasing your merchandising possibilities.

And if you need other types of Food Packaging for your hospitality business, on our website you will also find another selection of Specialty Food Packaging by material: FOAM Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, Sugar Cane Packaging and Aluminium Packaging. A convenient solution for your business and with 24/48 hour delivery.  For more information about Plastic Packaging, please contact us at 931 158 455.

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