Plastic Display Platters PET

PET Plastic Presentation Trays are perfect for all types of events. Their composition in PET plastic makes them a rigid utensil capable of withstanding different weights and temperatures. Ideal for serving your catering in a clean and quick way, as they are Disposable Trays. In MonoUso we offer you a wide catalogue where you will find Oval Trays, Rectangular Trays, Round Trays and Octogonal Trays, in all sizes, varieties and finishes. Don't miss our range of PET Plastic Trays, Disposable Presentation, and adapt them to any situation.

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    What do all PET Plastic Presentation Trays have in common?

    On the one hand, an elegant and sophisticated design to serve your best presentations; in colors like marble, gold and silver. And on the other hand, they are extremely resistant, so you can serve heavy foods such as meat and fish with complete peace of mind.

    Why bet on PET Plastic Trays?

    First of all, for convenience, if the table you are going to serve a meal on is longer than it is wide, placing trays of different shapes in the middle, with distributed starters and garnishes, may be the best way to save space. And secondly, because they have a very elegant design in metallic tones such as gold or silver; especially designed for evening celebrations where sophistication is sought.

    In addition to the PET Plastic Presentation Trays are disposable, so you only have to think about using and throwing away. However, even though they are Disposable Trays, they are very resistant, so they will provide you with the advantages of any Reusable Tray, but they will prevent you from breaking them.

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    Trays with Lids, Trays with Compartments, Round Trays, Rectangular Trays and Octogonal Trays in different sizes and colors, form a wide collection of Plastic Trays that will be essential in your Disposable Dishes. Discover it!

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