Buffet Display trays

Buffet Presentation Trays are the ideal solution when presenting food of all kinds in Buffet, Catering, Hotel and Catering. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of Biodegradable Presentation Trays available in different materials, sizes, colours and shapes. Wooden presentation boards, bamboo trays with handles or wooden presentation boxes make up a wide range of reusable trays that will give your table a very special personality.

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With the Buffet Presentation Trays, you can present your best culinary creations in an elegant, original and fun way. This is why the Biodegradable Presentation Trays are widely used in restaurants, hotels and catering, to display and serve all types of food.

Available in different materials, colours and shapes, at Monouso we offer you a wide range of Reusable Trays such as Wooden Presentation Boards, Bamboo Trays with Handles or Wooden Presentation Boxes.

If these are not the Biodegradable Trays you need, we invite you to visit other categories such as Sugar Cane Trays, Bamboo Trays, Wooden Trays, Chinet Pulp Trays, Palm Leaf Trays, Cardboard Trays, Cardboard Trays with Handles or Fast Food Cardboard Trays.

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