Wheat Straw Plates

Wheat Pulp Plates are made from wheat plant waste under 100% natural processes and free from chemicals or pesticides harmful to the environment, so we talk about Compostable Plates. Therefore, we talk about Ecological Disposable Plates ideal for use in fast food and prepared food establishments, or informal outdoor meetings. Our Biodegradable Wheat Plates, available in different sizes, are resistant to temperatures ranging from -25ºC to 170ºC.

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At Monouso we offer you a range of Organic Disposable Plates with which you can save on collection time and money, because after use, you will be able to get rid of these Wheat Pulp Plates without forgetting the care for the environment; because these Biodegradable Wheat Plates will degrade within 30 days, after being discarded.

Our Compostable Dishes are born under processes free of chemicals and pesticides harmful to the environment, from the surplus of the wheat plant, a renewable and 100% natural material, which makes these Ecological Dishes of one use, in Compostable Dishes with a surprising quality, as they are able to resist oven, microwave and freezer in a temperature range between -25 º C and 170 º C

Ideal for serving and consuming all types of food, these Biodegradable Dishes are perfect for informal celebrations, outdoor meetings, community dining and a long etcetera. 

If these are not the Biodegradable Dishes you need, we invite you to discover other products such as Chinet Pulp Dishes, Sugar Cane Dishes, Palm Leaf Dishes, Wooden Dishes and Bamboo Dishes.

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