Jars, Bottles and Vacuum Bottles

The best way to delight all your guests with refreshing drinks is to serve them in any of our Plastic Jars, PET Plastic Bottles or Plastic Thermos. They are the kitchen utensils most demanded by bars, restaurants and caterings, both for hot and cold drinks.

Manufactured in Polystyrene or Polypropylene, in our catalogue you will find Economic Plastic Jars, SAN Reusable Jars, Disposable Isothermal Jars, Jars specials for Beer, PET Bottles for Juices and Disposable Thermos, specially made for transporting hot drinks.

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PP and PS Plastic Jars

Plastic Pitchers are known as the perfect disposable tableware to serve drinks to several diners without making them dirty or forcing them to hold anything but their glass. The Plastic Pitchers are distributed on the table so that all guests can serve themselves as they wish and can refill their Glasses whenever they wish.

In different sizes and colors, our Economy Plastic Pitchers are perfect for group dinners, restaurants with an open bar of wine or beer and events where the waiters service is only there to set and replenish the food and beverage table. They can withstand both high and low temperatures and their durability makes them almost reusable.

Reusable SAN Plastic Mugs

Plastic Pitchers are the perfect kitchen utensil to serve drinks at the table in a clean and group way. In this case, from MonoUso we offer you a selection of Reusable Pitchers that will manage to give you a complete service saving money and without losing quality. Our SAN Plastic Pitchers look very similar to glass but they do not break when falling or deform due to low or high temperatures. They are ideal for outdoor events and gatherings of friends where the fun does not look where it goes.

Reusable Plastic Beer Mugs

The special plastic beer mugs are the ideal glasses to enjoy a sparkling wine, maintaining the temperature and without fear of breaking. Protagonists of festivals, multitudinous events and fairs of the beer, our Reusable Plastic Pitchers fulfill an exceptional service with the clear aim to satisfy the client, to make him save money and fulfilling all the premises of hygiene and health. From 350 millilitres to 1 litre, on our website you will find the Plastic Beer Carafe made to measure.


Our Isothermal Pitchers are the best containers to transport the drink, from the kitchen to the table, and to maintain the temperature of the liquids, during hours, in the most economic way, since it will make them save a lot of time after the parties and celebrations, because it is disposable plastic pitchers.

Manufactured in Expanded Polystyrene, the Thermal Jars are difficult to break and able to support the weight of the drink without problems. In addition, the lamination of these Plastic Pitchers makes them waterproof, ideal for sauces, broths, creams and hot chocolates.

Our FOAM Pitchers can be found in various sizes and are composed of a Thermal Cup on one side, Isothermal Handle on the other and FOAM Lid.

Milk Jugs

The Plastic Containers for Horchata and Granizados, well known as Plastic Dairy, are ideal to be able to transport these liquid delights that refresh us every summer. If you are expected at home with this sweet beverage, there is nothing better for the whole family to enjoy than buying a Big Carafe of Slushie. These Disposable Containers in the shape of a Milk Container are resistant, flexible, have a lid and handles in matching colours and have an airtight seal that prevents spills and falls.  

Perfect for serving drinks, our Plastic Pitchers are the easiest way for the dinners to enjoy the water, wine, beer or sweet refreshments without having to open bottle by bottle. Each diner can be served to their likes, whether they wish to taste the broth or fill the glass completely.

Almost 100% of our Plastic Jars could be recognized as Reusable Jars, because their great rigidity, resistance and composition make them ideal for outdoor events where broken glass is not well received.

Our Unbreakable SAN Plastic Jars can hold more than 500 washes in industrial cleaning machines; our Reusable Beer Jars are perfect for macro festivals and sport events where the crowd dances until morning and our Plastic Colored Jars are ideal for celebrations and children's parties, giving a cheerful touch to the table. An endless number of possibilities to cover any of your needs are able to be found in MonoUso.

On the other hand, in our catalogue you will also find a great variety of Drink Containers perfect to transport liquids, either cold in our PET Plastic Bottles, or hot in our Disposable Thermos. Packaging for any type of liquids that will become the perfect solution for your business are able to be find in our shop.

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