Reusable Plastic Beer Mugs

The special plastic beer mugs are the ideal glasses to enjoy a sparkling wine, maintaining the temperature and without fear of breaking. Protagonists of festivals, multitudinous events and fairs of the beer, our Reusable Plastic Pitchers fulfill an exceptional service with the clear aim to satisfy the client, to make him save money and fulfilling all the premises of hygiene and health. From 350 millilitres to 1 litre, on our website you will find the Plastic Beer Carafe made to measure.

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We could talk about robust Glass Pitchers, since the resemblance of our Reusable Beer Pitchers to traditional pitchers is amazing, but in this case and for your benefit we are talking about Reusable Plastic Pitchers, almost unbreakable Plastic Cups that will do the function of the traditional Beer Pitchers but saving in hygiene, health and economy.

Will the taste of plastic be noticed?

Our Reusable Plastic Beer Pitchers enhance the taste of sparkling wine while maintaining its temperature. The high quality of the Tritan and polycarbonate with which they are made, apart from giving them great resistance, shows that they are a material that does not give off any taste or aroma, so each diner will enjoy, exclusively, the intense smell and aftertaste of the Pinta.

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