Paper Cups

In this section we offer you the widest selection of Cardboard Cups for the consumption of any type of beverage. From Carton Cups for Hot Drinks which can also be used for cold drinks, to Carton Cups for Cold Drinks, which cannot be used for hot drinks. Among our entire collection of Disposable Carton Cups you will also find Ecological Carton Cups in different models and designs.

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Paper Hot Cups

Cardboard Hot Drink Cups, together with their lid, are usually used as Take-Away Coffee Cups, although we should not forget that we can carry other types of hot drinks such as infusions or cappuccinos.

Disposable Cardboard Cups have an internal layer of paraffin that isolates the temperature and prevents customers from burning their hands.

Ripple Paper Cups

Curly Cardboard Cups have become the perfect solution to hold the drink without noticing the temperature of the drink. These Disposable Cardboard Cups are the perfect solution to avoid burning your hands when you hold a glass with a hot drink such as coffee or tea. The Triple Wall Paper Cups are characterized by their corrugated wall, which completely protects your hand from the heat, thus avoiding burns, so they are also known as Corrugated Cardboard Cups.

Paper Cold Cups

With Cardboard Cold Drink Cups you can walk around with your soda without fear of it spilling, melting or staining. Disposable Cardboard Cold Drink Cups are the most comfortable way to take your cool drink with you and cope with excessively hot days while walking to work, home or the gym.

Biodegradable Paper Cups

Ecological Cardboard Cups are the most sustainable beverage serving containers on the market. This range of Disposable Tumblers, also known as Biodegradable Tumblers offer a superb finish, high quality, are highly resistant and will not bend or shape. You can accompany these Ecological Cardboard Cups with the Cardboard Cup Lids, the perfect combination to enjoy your drink wherever you want, without fear of spills or stains.

Sugarcane Cups

Sugar Cane Glasses are one of our most environmentally friendly products. Made from the remains of the sugar cane plant (bagasse), which remains after the extraction of the sugar juice, these Organic Disposable Cups are very stable and have a smooth finish that is very pleasant to the touch. The Extra Strong Sugar Cane Cups are suitable for hot drinks and can withstand microwave temperatures of up to 100 degrees.

Cardboard Cups have become the most ecological alternative when it comes to serving refreshments at your party or event. These Biodegradable Cups are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and colors.

In our catalogue you will find, on the one hand, Cardboard Cups for Hot Drinks, they are cardboard Tripe Wall Cups that help the customer not to burn his hands. On the other hand, we also have a selection of Cardboard Cold Drink Cups, ideal for fast food or takeaway businesses. If there is one thing in which each and every one of the products in this category stand out, it is their high quality. They are designed for maximum comfort, so they don't deform once taken with the drink inside; they stand firm to avoid possible spills.

In addition, you can buy Ecological Cardboard Cups, Recyclable Cardboard Cups, Cup Trays, Cardboard Covers and Sugar Cane Cups. The later ones are made from the cane bark that remains after the sugar is squeezed.

If you have a business, be sure to visit the following categories: Plastic Food Containers, Thermal Food Containers, Carton Food Containers, Ecological Food Containers, Plastic Bags and Paper Bags.

In MonoUso you will find all the solutions in terms of Cardboard and Paper Cups, especially designed for take away catering businesses and work centers. And all this with the most economic price guaranteed! We sell both to individuals and companies in packs and boxes, depending on the volume of order you need. In addition, thanks to our fast transport service, we deliver orders to your home in just 24-48 hours.

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