Economical PP Plastic cups

Our range of Economic Plastic Cups, made of Polypropylene, are perfect for serving at any type of event, serving refreshments in bars or terraces where avoiding glass breakage is healing in health. Despite their low prices, these Disposable Plastic Cups are of the highest quality and even if they break they do not chip or cut.Cheap Plastic Cups are the perfect solution to save time and money, without compromising service. On our website you will find from Plastic Tube Cups, Traditional Plastic Cups, Plastic Coffee Cups, to Plastic Litre Cups and Half Litre Plastic Cups. Choose the one that best suits your business and save with us.

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Very popular at parties, birthdays and friends' celebrations, the Economical PP Plastic Cups are the perfect solution to offer a high quality service without wasting time and money, obtaining the highest possible profitability.

Our range of Inexpensive PP Plastic Cups are made from Polypropylene, a highly resistant material that can withstand temperature changes and, even if broken, will not chip.

From Monouso we recommend these Economic Disposable Cups, as they are a guarantee of success and a perfect solution to the costly use of traditional glass cups. In this section you will find all types of Plastic Cups, from Plastic Cups for Soft Drinks to Plastic Cups with Lids, ideal for juices, smoothies or slush drinks.

Why are Polypropylene Plastic Cups good?

Polypropylene has always been considered the ideal material for the manufacture of Plastic Cups, as it allows a higher rigidity than other materials, it does not melt until a temperature above 160ºC and it does not give off any taste to the food. Our Economic Polypropylene Cups are recyclable, as they are chlorine-free, and comply with the EU regulations for food use within the EC 1935/2004 regulation.

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