Shot glasses

Up, down, center... and in! Shot glasses are a must to add the finishing touch to any dinner, party or celebration.

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    Many people like to enjoy a refreshing and digestive drink after a meal, so if you have a hotel or restaurant business, you should not forget to have a glass of shot to offer a better service to your customers.

    These plastic shot glasses are also ideal for pubs or discos where there is a large influx of people and time is of the essence.



    If you have a catering or tasting business or are looking for an original way to serve canapés or appetizers at your party, presenting them in shot glasses is a super original idea that will leave everyone with their mouths open.

    Plus, with plastic shot glasses you can forget about cleaning up. Thanks to their disposable nature, you won't have to worry about washing them or in case they break. Once they are used, all you have to do is throw them into the right container and that's it!

    Our disposable shot glasses are very strong and durable. All the advantages of a glass shot glass with the convenience and practicality of a plastic cup - incredible quality at an even more incredible price!

    At MonoUso we know that there is no better way to end a meal than with a shot, that's why in our catalogue we have a wide variety of original shot glasses so you can bring an extra comfort to your business, but without losing any elegance.

    On our website you will find shot glasses of all shapes, models and colours. All you have to do is choose the one you like best and... Chin, chin!

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