FOAM Thermal Cups are the special cups used to serve liquids that need to maintain the original temperature. These disposable cups, made of expanded polystyrene, are very resistant, have a great thickness, weigh very little, are known as Silent Cups, very difficult to break and very economical.

At Monuso we have a wide range of Isothermal Cups, in different sizes to suit your needs, whether for coffee, tea, infusions or any type of hot or cold drink.

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Our FOAM Thermal Cups are ideal for cafeterias and businesses that serve hot drinks to go, this will allow customers to drink coffee, tea and infusions anywhere. These Foam Cups are also ideal for cold drinks and it is becoming increasingly common to see this type of Isothermal Cup in offices and workplaces.

What is FOAM?

FOAM is a composite polymer based on Polyethylene and other additives, which depends on the base and thickness required, and, by means of gas injection, it foams in such a way that it becomes a thermal and acoustic insulating material, it is non-toxic, odourless, non-abrasive and non-corrosive, it is a 100% recyclable and waterproof material.

In our catalogue you will find all kinds of Thermal Cups in different sizes, as well as Lids for these Insulating Cups, ideal for take-away businesses.

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