Tube cups

Who doesn't enjoy a good drink when they go out for a drink? The tube glasses are the most economical, practical and comfortable option to offer your customers a good drink.

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Whether you want to serve a soda at 11 a.m. or a drink at 2 a.m., tube glasses are the smart choice. These disposable cups are perfect for bars, discos and pubs where there is a high influx of people.


Easy to store and transport.
If speed pays off in your store because you have a large number of customers to serve, our plastic tube cups are a safe bet. They are easy to store and easy to transport. Moreover, thanks to their disposable nature, you can forget about cleaning, you just have to put them in the right container. Easy and fast!

Don't be fooled!

Just because they are disposable glasses doesn't make them any worse. These tube cups are very hard and resistant, so they are very difficult to break. Your customers will be able to enjoy their drinks without any danger.

If you give a party at home or for any event or celebration, tube glasses are an essential piece to close the evening. Many people like to finish their meal with a glass, so tube glasses will give you the comfort you need without losing elegance.

If you don't know where to buy tube glasses, at MonoUso you will find a wide range of possibilities for you to choose the one that best suits your business: we have disposable plastic tube glasses, reusable plastic cups, polystyrene glass plastic cups or the classic polypropylene plastic cups. Choose yours!

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