Wooden Fork Eco 16cm (100 Units)

Ref 4324-100
    Wooden Fork Eco 16cm (100 Units)
    • Wooden Fork Eco 16cm (100 Units)
    • Wooden Fork Eco 16cm (100 Units)
    • Wooden Fork Eco 16cm (100 Units)
    • Wooden Fork Eco 16cm (100 Units)
    • Wooden Fork Eco 16cm (100 Units)
    • Wooden Fork Eco 16cm (100 Units)
    100 Units   €4.55 0,045€/Ud
    €4.55 (tax incl.) 0,045€/Ud
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    Price per box of 100 units

    Ref 4324-100

    • Biodegradable
    • Compostable
    • Freezer-safe
    • Recyclable

    Turn your restaurant business or office dining room into an eco-friendly space thanks to the 16cm high natural wood fork.

    • Made of wood.
    • Brown colour that can vary slightly in shade, making each fork unique.
    • Apt for the freezer. It is resistant to oil and grease.
    • Disposable, biodegradable and recyclable product.
    • Used for both cooking and tasting hot and cold foods.
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    This product is biodegradable, it decomposes and degrades in a short period of time through a completely natural process, without leaving any residue and without the need for human intervention.



    This product is compostable. Once disposed of in the organic bin, and under controlled conditions in industrial composting plants, they are converted into compost, thus closing a sustainable cycle.



    Suitable for use in the refrigerator or freezer, as our product is perfectly resistant to low temperatures without becoming brittle or degrading.



    Recycle this product without any problem once its useful life is over. You only have to pay attention to the material it is made of to know in which container you will have to dispose of it.

    Data sheet

    Colour Natural
    Total Dimensions 16,5 cm
    Material Wood
    Product type Fork
    Certificates Food Contact
    Shape Serrated
    Biodegradable Yes
    Food Contact Yes
    Disposable Yes
    Family Monouso
    Intrastat 39241000
    Length 16,5 cm
    Recyclable Yes
    Type Reutilizable
    Packs per Box 24
    Price for 100
    Units per Pack 100
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