Wooden Cutlery

Wooden cutlery is a more sustainable and economical alternative to traditional disposable utensils, as it is just as useful, more resistant and does not harm the environment, because it disappears without leaving visible or toxic residues. These wooden spoons, forks, knives or ladles, very similar to conventional ones, have a great capacity to withstand high temperatures without deforming.

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    Why buy wooden cutlery?

    Disposable wooden cutlery is a great alternative to biodegradable plastic cutlery. Made from natural wood, this cutlery is widely used in restaurants, hotels, caterers, buffets and Take Away services. In addition, because it is a disposable, disposable item, it is much more practical and hygienic, saving time and money in cleaning and maintenance. Although some of our clients have assured us that, in their particular use, they have been able to reuse them due to their high quality.

    Will the wood affect the taste of the food?

    No. Thanks to the fact that wood is a porous material, these cutlery products absorb the taste of the food, thus preventing the food from being impregnated with the aroma of wood.

    What kind of wooden cutlery is there?

    Natural, classic and birch, without a doubt there is a wide range of wooden cutlery:

    The natural color birch wooden cutlery, 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable, is ideal to accompany a beautiful table in all kinds of celebrations, picnics, or parties. Here you can find everything from coffee spoons, to traditional forks, spoons and knives, to complete sets that can be accompanied by their corresponding matching napkins.

    The classic style wooden cutlery will add personality to your table creating an elegant atmosphere where distinction will be appreciated in every bite. Its design, besides being made of wood, is very careful because it imitates authentic vintage silverware.

    Among the large family of wooden cutlery there is also space for various types of wooden skewers. These utensils are widely used in fast food restaurants or Take Away service. The wooden skewers can be of various sizes, from 50 millimetres to 40 centimetres, a great variety that you can check in our catalogue.

    Our range of wooden cutlery also includes double wooden forks, wooden ice-cream spoons, flat wooden forks and even curiosities such as spoon-shaped forks.

    Last but not least, the bamboo cutlery is another option that nature reveals to us. Resistant and modern, these utensils are perfect for barbecues, picnics, formal receptions or parties. With its clean and natural appearance this biodegradable cutlery is designed to beautify any occasion. When you hold it in your hands you will feel the touch of natural material and, thanks to its three-layer composition, the sensation of hardness that they transmit.

    Buy everything you need to complement this sustainable cutlery in the categories Sugar Cane Glasses, Wooden Plates, Ecological Paper Napkins, etc.

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