Barbecue Disposable TableWare

A picnic, a family barbecue or a large event can be easily organized if you use any of our Disposable Barbeque Specials. A disposable message that can be thrown away after use, saving time, money and helping the environment because they are eco-friendly. Wooden trays to serve the meat, Ecological Dishes for each diner, Biodegradable Disposable Cutlery for salads or tortillas and Plastic Sugar Cane Cups for soft drinks and water. A complete kit of Disposable Products made of Ecological materials that will dress your table with all kinds of products, from glasses to the most rural tablecloth of our range, including the napkin to clean you.

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    Chops, bacon, sausages, ribs... Stop dreaming about a barbecue and make it come true with the help of the Special Disposable Barbecue Crockery we have made for you. Forget about hours of organization and cleaning, our Disposable Tableware will give you a complete service and avoid hours of washing and drying, because they are disposable.

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy an Ecological Dinner Set made with Biodegradable Materials, at the best price and with the greatest comfort guaranteed, because of its condition as a Single-Use Dinner Set. Take advantage of the Use and Throw thanks to the Biodegradable Plastic PLA, the Sugar Cane, the Wood and the Palm Leaf.

    From Wooden Cutlery to Palm Leaf Plates, our Disposable Barbecue Dishes offer different uses depending on their materials. All the Disposable Kitchen Utensils for the barbecue, grill, plate and stone.

    If, on the other hand, you need another type of Disposable Crockery, you will find on our website from Ecological Disposable Crockery, Economic Disposable Crockery and Economic Disposable Crockery in Colours, to Hard Disposable Crockery, Unbreakable Disposable Crockery and Elegant or Designer Disposable Crockery. 

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