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Disposable Tableware is one of the best solutions when it comes to presenting a beautiful table. For this reason, at Monouso we offer a wide range of Disposable Products that make up beautiful Disposable Tableware in which you will find Disposable Party Tableware, Disposable Catering Tableware, Economic Disposable Tableware, Ecological Disposable Tableware and much more! Disposable Plastic Cups, Disposable Plastic Plates, Disposable Plastic Cups and endless products in different colors, designs and materials. We have all the Disposable Household Items you need at the best price and without renouncing to quality. Take a look at our website and discover that Plastic Tableware does not have to be flimsy, of poor quality or without an accurate design.

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Monouso’s Disposable Tableware is the perfect alternative to give complete services in restaurants, hotels, catering, events or celebrations, saving time and money, but without renouncing to hygiene. This Disposable Tableware is composed of Disposable Plastic Plates, Disposable Plastic Cups, Disposable Plastic Cutlery and a wide catalogue of Catering Miniatures, Napkins and Tablecloths.

Manufactured in Plastic Material or Biodegradable Material such as cardboard, wood, bamboo and palm leaf, because of its strength and durability our Disposable Tableware is perfect. However, in order to meet all your expectations, we also offer a collection of Reusable Tableware, which will complete our Disposable Tableware offer that, in some cases, can withstand high and low temperatures, is microwaveable and even unbreakable.

There is no doubt that Disposable Tableware will prevent you from having to clean, wash, use detergents, and washing and drying machines. These Disposable Plates and Disposable Cups will give an exclusive service every time and that’s it!

Different colors, models, qualities, materials and designs, from Disposable Plastic Tableware to Economic Disposable Tableware and Biodegradable Disposable Tableware, a wide range of possibilities to dress your table.

Have fun and play combining our Plastic Plates, Plastic Cups, Plastic Cutlery, an endless number of Disposable Party Tableware, Disposable Catering Tableware, Reusable Plastic Tableware and more. Enjoy the most entertaining category at Monouso!

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