Hard Disposable TableWare White

Dura Blanca Disposable Tableware is the range of Single Use Products most used by restaurants, caterers and hotels. With this neutral and pure colour that reflects cleanliness it is the perfect dinner service to make the diner feel as comfortable as when using a conventional dinner service. The softness of its lines and the quality of its materials make this Extra Rigid Disposable Tableware the best option when it comes to matching the colors of your event. In this section you will find from White Square Hard Plates to Hard Trays and Moon Plastic Cups in Pearl White, among others. Don't hesitate and take a look below.

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    The main objective of the celebrations is to spend a pleasant time with the guests, and to make them feel at ease. When serving a meal or a dinner, it is essential to use the most suitable disposable tableware, so from Monouso we offer you this simple White Rigid Plastic Tableware. In our catalogue we have available from Round Plates with Silver Rim, ideal to decorate a table, to Plastic Cava Cups with White Stem, perfect for an exclusive toast.

    This Disposable Hard Tableware becomes the best option to avoid having to spend many hours scrubbing afterwards. Their quality is fantastic since they are made of polystyrene, an ultra-rigid plastic material; this way, when placing the food or drink on them they remain intact, not becoming flimsy as it happens with other Plastic Single Use Dinnerware.

    If you are looking for a stylish disposable dinner service for a party or event, trust Monouso! We guarantee the best price on the Internet with excellent quality in all our products. On the other hand you have all kinds of disposable kitchenware for the hotel and catering industry, such as serving utensils or all kinds of catering accessories.

    But if this is not the disposable tableware you are looking for for your party, do not forget to check our catalogs the Economic Disposable Tableware in Colors, ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or corporate events, the Ecological Disposable Tableware, perfect for enjoying the best culinary creations without harming the environment, or the Designer Disposable Tableware, ideal when you are an artist and want your restaurant, business or presentation to look like it has its own personality.

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