Hard Disposable TableWare Pink

When the intention is to reflect tranquility, tenderness, beauty and serenity, there is nothing better than dressing up your table with our Pink Hard Dishware. An ideal disposable tableware for Baptisms, Communions and Liaisons, where love and sweetness are the protagonists of each toast. This is a disposable dinner service that is a clear example that disposable plates, disposable cups and cutlery have evolved into higher quality disposable products with beautiful designs and more rigidity.

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For baptisms, newborn parties, parties for future mothers and all those theme parties where pink can be the protagonist of the table, don't forget to dress it up with our Pink Hard Dishware. In our catalogue you will find Novotex Tablecloths in Pink, Airlaid Napkins in Pink, Hard Plastic Plates in Pink and an endless number of super chic Disposable Tableware to dress up your table and star in your event.

The Pink Rigid Disposable Tableware, ideal for baby and mommy parties, symbolizes affection, love, kindness, femininity, courtesy, good manners, decorum, good tone, childhood, innocence, the positive, the fight against cancer and protection.

And if this is not the Colorful Disposable Tableware you are looking for for your party, don't forget to check out our Light Blue Hard Disposable Tableware catalog, ideal for baby showers or evening events, Pistachio Hard Disposable Tableware, perfect for parties at the beach, pool or outdoors where the color of our tableware stands out, or the Beige Hard Disposable Tableware, an incredible bet when you want to give elegance and simplicity to your celebration.

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