Palm Leaf Disposable Tableware

The Palm Leaf crockery, because of its preparation, is one of the most natural ecological crockery that exists in the market of Single Use Products, since it is made from the fallen leaves of the Areca type palm tree. But it is not simply the most natural tableware, it is also one of the most resistant. We present you a beautiful Reusable Tableware composed by Ecological Palm Leaf Plates, Ecological Palm Leaf Bags, Ecological Palm Leaf Trays and more. Discover it!

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    The Ecological Palm Leaf Tableware, which is manufactured only and exclusively with the naturally fallen leaves of the Areca palm, offers a 100% vegetable texture and a unique design.

    After collecting the leaves, we wash them with fresh water to remove any dirt and let them dry in the sun. Then we press them with water and heat to give them the shape and size we want, and that's it! We don't use any chemical additives, resulting in a 100% natural and biodegradable Palm Leaf Ware.

    In our catalogue you will find a wide range of Palm Leaf Plates of different shapes and sizes: square, rectangular, oval and round. Also Palm Leaf Bags, to serve soups and broths, and Palm Leaf Trays, ideal for catering and outdoor events.

    This biodegradable tableware will offer you several advantages that are worth taking into account. For one thing, they can be used in both the microwave and the freezer. On the other hand, they can be used with all types of food: hot and cold, liquid or solid. And finally, the Palm Leaf Disposable Tableware has excellent rigidity and resistance; therefore, it is fantastic for serving at celebrations where guests must stand holding the dishes in their hands.

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