Disposable TableWare X-Table Red

Our Red X-Table Disposable Tableware offers great consistency and flexibility because it is made of polypropylene, a material that makes it an unbreakable tableware. Use them without fear of breaking because this Plastic Tableware is very resistant and will never crumble into sharp pieces. This Disposable Tableware is ideal for parties and birthdays where you will avoid having to clean the tableware when the celebration is over, as it is known as the ultimate disposable tableware. It is undoubtedly a product widely used in Horeca businesses (hotels, restaurants and catering).

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    Disposable and unbreakable. This is how our Red X-Table Disposable Tableware is considered, a disposable tableware ideal for events with children or large crowds of people, where this Unbreakable Tableware, will avoid you broken glass, splinters, cuts and wounds. Your party or event will have its own personality with all this red plastic tableware.

    A flexible and resistant plastic dinner service that can be used to present appetizers, tapas, snacks, recipes and desserts for parties and events in catering and hotel services. Design and functionality come together in this collection of X-Table Disposable Tableware.

    And if this is not the X-Table Dinner Set you are looking for for your party, don't forget to check out our catalogue of X-Table Dinner Set in Gold, ideal for summer days where colour blends in with the atmosphere, X-Table Dinner Set in Turquoise, perfect for parties on boats, in the swimming pool or on the beach itself where the colour of the water plays with the services, or the X-Table Dinner Set in Lime Green, an incredible bet when the party is outdoors and you want to blend in with nature.

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