Hard Disposable TableWare Aubergine

The Rigid Disposable Tableware in Aubergine colour offers more resistance than the Traditional Disposable Tableware. Its classic and timeless design, and its striking violet colour, make this Disposable Tableware perfect for an event with distinction, where we want to reflect style without the glass breaking the charm of the moment. This disposable tableware is ideal for parties of winners, as this colour is said to give a boost of energy and support at any time. Comfort and savings in time and money is what this collection of Plastic Cups, Plastic Plates, Plastic Bags and Plastic Cutlery offers you.

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    Our Eggplant Colored Rigid Disposable Tableware withstands heat and low temperatures, making it perfect for serving both hot food and very cold drinks. This Disposable Tableware offers simplicity and elegance, a dance of perfect shapes and color harmony. The Eggplant Hard Disposable Tableware will give you the opportunity to transform your event into a lively and intense celebration.

    This disposable dinner service consists of plastic plates in aubergine and plastic cups in aubergine, plastic cutlery in aubergine, plastic trays in aubergine, paper napkins in aubergine or paper tablecloths in aubergine. Everything you need to dress up your table and your customers, perfect for any occasion. Our Eggplant Disposables are the best option if you are looking for comfort and cleanliness.

    And if this is not the Coloured Disposable Tableware you are looking for for your party, don't forget to check out our Hard Disposable Tableware in Brown, ideal for outdoor parties where nature is part of the event, Hard Disposable Tableware in Bordeaux, perfect for dinners where wine is the star of the evening, or the Hard Disposable Tableware in Black, a perfect bet for elegant parties where class and sobriety will be present in every corner.

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