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Hey! Are you one of those who always have a good breakfast of freshly made churros with hot chocolate for your customers? Then this will interest you! At Monouso we bring you our churro containers, specially made to protect, present and transport your delicious churros without losing their flavour or texture.

We know that the most important thing for you is that your customers enjoy your churros as if they were freshly made. That's why our cardboard and paper containers are the best option, as they are light and easy to carry. In addition, they are designed with grease-proof properties and resist oil stains, so your churros will stay crunchy for longer.

  • Grease and stain resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Stackable and easy to transport
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Cardboard boxes for churros

Churro cartons are designed to cover, move and display foods that are usually oily.

Are all churro containers the same? Of course they are not. That's why we're going to explain the main qualities and uses of these disposable churro containers.

If there is one thing that perfectly defines churros, no matter what kind they are, it is fat. Made with a flour dough, they are usually fried in oil at high temperatures. For this reason, they need containers that do not smear and that can be moved around without any problems. Therefore, we are going to explain the different materials we work with to achieve this purpose.

The food-grade cardboard used for churros containers is resistant and flexible, so it adapts perfectly to the shape of the product. It has grease-proof properties that will prevent customers from staining. In addition, despite its robustness, it is lightweight, making it easy to transport. And it doesn't end there, it is available in different finishes, including kraft. This is undoubtedly the most popular design in the catering industry, which is understandable as it makes your food stand out in a natural way.

The paper of our churro cones is affordable and easy to store. As well as being greaseproof, they are easy to handle, so you can serve your guests quickly. And not only that, they are also very light and comfortable, so that moving them around will be pleasant for any customer.

As you have seen, knowing the qualities of each component is a great advantage when choosing the right packaging for your product. At Monouso we have a wide range of packaging materials for churros that will keep your food perfect in any transport.

Packaging for churros and chocolate

Now that you know the characteristics of the materials we use, it is time to explain the different uses that can be given to the packaging for churros. The list is as long as the queue at a churro shop in the morning, so here are their most common functions:

  • Packaging for churros for fairs
  • Churro packaging for events
  • Churro packaging for bars
  • Packaging for churros for street stalls
  • Churro packaging for food trucks
  • Packaging for churros for amusement parks
  • Churro packaging for local parties

It has become clear that churros are a greasy and delicious food in equal parts. In addition, they are usually served freshly made and therefore eaten piping hot. For these reasons, our churro containers are greaseproof and retain the flavour of the oil in the churros. Your food will remain tasty at all times inside the churro container.

Is there anything more iconic than bringing churros to your colleagues and loved ones? Undoubtedly not. That's why churro boxes are light and sturdy, making them easy and safe to transport. They also adapt to the shape of the food, so you won't have any problems when it comes to packaging.

Ecological churro trays

Diners are increasingly demanding more information from catering professionals, they need to feel that the establishment is in line with their values before they invest money in it. How many resources are used to produce your ingredients? The process of making your food? The quality of life of the workers? All these questions need to be answered in order to build customer loyalty.

Among this list of questions, the use of environmentally friendly packaging is at the top of the list. According to studies, 71% of Spaniards would be willing to pay more money for sustainable options. And not only that, more than half would always choose recyclable plastic packaging. As you have seen, if you want to please your diners you have to go for green alternatives.

At Monouso we offer a wide variety of biodegradable packaging for churros. With them your customers will feel proud to eat in an establishment that shares their vision of the world.

Churros packaging

Have you ever seen someone with a cardboard cone for churros in the street and felt like visiting the nearest churro shop? We are sure you have. So it is clear that to be successful you have to stand out at first sight. In this way, the disposable containers for churros will attract the attention of potential customers with their original designs and patterns.

Chocolate. Dulce de leche. Custard cream. Elongated or ribbon-shaped. Plain or curly. Churros can be enjoyed in a thousand different flavours and shapes. Therefore, each one needs a different container in order to shine and attract the customer. For this reason, we have multiple shapes and patterns of containers for churros.

Paper bags for churros

Grease-proof paper bags for churros are the ultimate packaging for this iconic Spanish food. They are greaseproof and very easy to transport, so they are perfect for your customers to take their porras with them without the risk of staining them. What's more, the paper bags for churros have a traditional churros print that will attract the attention of all passers-by.

Churro boxes

Cardboard boxes for churros stand out for their versatility. This is due to the fact that their structure allows food to be stored while supporting a glass and napkins. Their materials make them greaseproof, robust and light, so they can support all this weight without problems and at the same time be comfortable to transport. In addition, they come in a Kraft finish that enhances the virtues of the products and gives a natural and prestigious touch to your establishment.

Churro cones 

Our churro cones are an original yet classic option. Normally, these churro cones are made of paper or cardboard and have greaseproof properties, so they are light and avoid stains on customers' hands. And it doesn't end there, their shape and structure allow for a strong grip so your batons will be safe and secure at all times. In addition, their finishes are countless: kraft, corrugated cardboard, brown paper... they are not only useful, they are also fun for both children and adults. Undoubtedly, with the use of churro cones, the image of your business will improve considerably.

Many people think that utility and aesthetics cannot go hand in hand. But the reality is that both transport safety and personal branding are decisive factors for the same purpose: the success of your company. For this reason, at Monouso we have a wide variety of designs of disposable containers for porras, churros and churros lazo.

Monouso, supplier of churro containers

Takeaway food has become a growing trend in recent times. According to studies, the volume of restaurants offering delivery service has increased by 20 %. In addition, profits are expected to increase by 50 % in the coming years. There is no doubt that the hospitality industry is better than ever, but to be able to cope with this demand, the right equipment is needed. Do you need a supplier of packaging for churros? At Monouso we offer you an extensive catalogue of products:

  • Paper bags for churros
  • Cardboard boxes for churros
  • Flanged cones for churros
  • Paper cones for churros
  • Disposable containers for churros
  • Grease-proof churros paper baskets

The type of business you manage is not relevant. At Monouso we want the quality of your products to remain intact until your customers can enjoy them. That is why we provide you with the best disposable containers to preserve your food.

Experts in the sale of containers for churros

It is said that churros were brought to Europe by the Portuguese. Their recipe was based on the traditional Chinese youtiao, a salty fried dough used to accompany breakfast. There is also speculation that porras may have been invented by Spanish shepherds seeking to replace fresh bread.

Both history and current times show that churros are an internationally famous food. In Spain they are eaten with chocolate and can be found in the shape of a bow, in Argentina they are elongated and filled with guava, while in Brazil they are served freshly made and dipped in a thin layer of coconut or condensed milk.

So it doesn't matter how you serve your porras. At Monouso we have a wide variety of disposable containers for churros that will keep even the most exotic and original flavours delicious.

Do you want to know more about containers for churros? We recommend you to contact our customer service department.

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