Popcorn Boxes

To enjoy a good movie, nothing better than accompanying your premiere with some nice popcorn served in our Popcorn Boxes. Made of resistant or almost rigid cardboard, our Popcorn Boxes prevent the transfer of stains to the hands of customers and can be found on our website in different sizes: from Small Popcorn Boxes, Medium Popcorn Boxes and Large Popcorn Bowl. Undoubtedly the perfect option to feel like at the cinema if you are at home.

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In our Popcorn Boxes you will find different models: from Popcorn Boxes in white, ideal to customize with the name or logo of your business, the Pop Corn Boxes, with an attractive and striking design, and the Pop Corn Cardboard Cubes or the Customizable Popcorn Cubes.

Serve your popcorn in style with our Popcorn Box. You can find it in different sizes: Small, Medium and Large Popcorn Cartridge. Our Popcorn Cartridge Boxes fold and unfold easily for quick and easy assembly and disassembly so you can enjoy your event from the start with some tasty popcorn!

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