Paper Chip scoops

The world of fast food keeps growing and with it, the containers to transport these delicious foods. There are as many containers as there are types of takeaway food (fried or otherwise): cones, boxes and cones where you can keep any food and sauce in its place. No matter which one you choose, all containers have an anti-grease treatment so you don't get your hands dirty with oil or grease.

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    Cardboard frying cups are containers often used by fast-food businesses and so-called food trucks. They are ideal for transporting all kinds of food in a comfortable way and without getting your hands dirty, as they are designed to prevent the oil or grease from being transferred from the food. Do you also want the food to be kept at the perfect temperature? Try the isothermal cones for French fries, they'll taste great!

    In different sizes, materials (parchment paper, brown paper or cardboard) and original designs these containers are disposable, so they become a sustainable option once they have fulfilled their function of transporting food.


    To recapitulate the characteristics of cardboard frying cups
    Anti-fat treatment that prevents the transfer of oil or fat from the food

    Made of disposable materials

    Comfortable to carry

    Maintains the ideal food temperature

    In addition to frying cups we have other types of food packaging. Don't forget to consult the sections of Plastic Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, Aluminum Packaging, Thermal Packaging FOAM and Packaging for Take Away Services. Place your order now and you will receive it in less than 48 hours.

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