Paper Napkins 25x25cm

The Paper Napkins 25X25 have become the best allies for your cocktail guests or presentation. Their dimensions make these Double Layer Napkins ideal for serving appetizers, tapas, cocktails and tastings.

Our 25x25 Napkins are the classic Cocktail Napkins folded to ¼ and of Tissú quality very used in the service of glasses in caterings, receptions, parties, cocktails and pubs. 

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These 25x25 Paper Napkins are the most popular napkins for serving appetizers or drinks. Slightly larger than the 20x20 Cocktail Napkins, these Paper Cloths, made of double-layer tissue, are becoming the preferred hygiene utensils at events and cocktails, as their size absorbs more dirt and become protective gloves for the hands.

It is very normal to see them resting on plates or mini trays so that the customer can pick them up comfortably. And many times, they are used as Snack Packages, since due to their size they are a perfect substitute for that type of Food Packaging.

Our Tisu 25x25 Napkins are of very good quality and, in addition, we have them available in different colors. This type of napkins can also be customized, as they are placed on the bar or table of any bar they are an eye-catching advertising support. They can usually be printed with 1 or 2 inks.

If these are not the napkins you are looking for, have a look at our website.  Here you will find a wide selection of Paper Napkins to cover all kinds of tastes and needs. You can choose the 14x14 zigzag Paper Napkins, another of the most used formats in bars, or the 20x20 Cocktail Napkins.  If your business requires higher quality napkins for a lunch or dinner service, you can choose the elegant Kanguro Airlaid Napkins or the Airlaid Premium Napkins to give your establishment a plus in style. If you need a more economical version, you can choose the Paper Napkin Holder.

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