Ice Cream Scoops

Just as the brush is the key instrument of every painter, the ice-cream scoop is for an ice-cream maker. In MonoUso you can find different models of this product from which you can choose the one that best suits your business.

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    I'm sure you've tried to get the ice cream out of its container and you've bent your spoon and got your hand stuck. The scooping spoon will make serving ice cream much easier.


    Practical and easy to use.
    They make the task easier.
    They improve the presentations.

    Presentation is an essential part, so if you do not want to serve an unstructured ice cream, the kitchen ball peeler is ideal for serving round balls and presenting an attractive and appealing dessert.

    The ice-cream scoop is perfect if you have a restaurant or hotel business such as a bar, restaurant, cafeteria or bakery... This instrument will allow you to give a perfect finish to your desserts.

    The ice cream scoops make the task easier and faster, so you don't have to waste your time scratching the ice cream or waiting for it to melt a bit to get it out without problems. Plus, these ice cream dispensers are very easy to clean, so you won't have to worry about cleaning up in between ice cream.

    If you want to buy an ice-cream scoop on our website we have scoops made of different materials: we have stainless steel scoops and aluminium scoops. Both models are very resistant and have a very long life, so you can buy ice cream ball sacks at a very economic price that will last you a long time.

    Enter our website, choose yours and don't miss the opportunity to improve the presentation of your desserts!

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