Ice-cream Scoops Aluminium 60 ml (1 Unit)

Ref 11989-1
    Ice-cream Scoops Aluminium 60 ml (1 Unit)
    • Ice-cream Scoops Aluminium 60 ml (1 Unit)
    1 Unit   €8.75 8,748€/Ud
    10 Units €87.48 -20% €69.99 6,999€/Ud
    €8.75 (tax incl.) 8,748€/Ud
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    Ref 11989-1

    • Aluminium
    • Concave
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • 1

    Ice-cream Scoops Aluminium 60 ml, mesure 4,2x17,7cm (1 Unit)

    20 scoops x liter of Ice-cream.

    The price is for a pack of 1 Unit.

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    Perfect ice cream balls with an aluminium ice cream scoop

    Perfect ice cream balls with an aluminium ice cream scoop

    With the arrival of the hot weather, there's no time when ice cream isn't a good idea, which is why ice cream scoops will become the perfect ally for your business this summer. With their ingenious design and great versatility, making balls of ice cream has never been so easy. You no longer have to worry about the presentation of your ice cream desserts! Because, who are we going to fool, the presentation of a good dessert is essential.

    Thanks to being made of aluminium, a lightweight and durable material, these practical portioners guarantee a comfortable and efficient user experience. And thanks to aluminium's ability to keep cold, you can present really tasty desserts without the ice cream spoons melting while you prepare them.

    Would you like to know more about their advantages? We tell you all about them.

    • Lightweight and practical: They are very easy to handle and with hardly any pressure you can create consistent and uniform balls of ice cream, improving the appearance of the dessert.
    • Ergonomic: Ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand so you don't have to exert excessive pressure.
    • High durability: Able to withstand wear and tear and maintain their efficiency over time. High-quality aluminium guarantees a long service life, even with frequent use.

    Data sheet

    Colour Metallized
    Total Dimensions 17,7 cm
    Material Aluminium
    Product type Ice Cream Scoops
    Total capacity 175 mm
    Certificates Food Contact
    Shape Concave
    Food Contact Yes
    Family Monouso
    Intrastat 82151030
    Length 17,7 cm
    Recyclable Yes
    Reusable Yes
    Type Reutilizable
    Packs per Box 10
    Price for 1
    Units per Pack 1
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