Dish Towel

What would become of us without the kitchen towels? At MonoUso we want to give the kitchen towel the prominence it deserves. Without it we would be lost. Drying our hands, cleaning up the water that has spilled, or simply having a tea towel at hand that prevents us from burning ourselves when we take the pan out of the fire, are some of the uses that we can give to these wonderful tea towels. Welcome to the tea towel revolution!

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Kitchens usually have all kinds of gadgets but we can't imagine a kitchen without a good cloth. They're great and they'll do anything. They clean and dry anything that spills, prevent you from burning your hands when you take the pans out of the fire and also, because of their anti-lint design, they allow you to go over the dishes and leave them shiny like the first day.
All are advantages with these dishcloths!

It doesn't matter if you use them for your restaurant or for your home kitchen, if you prefer them plain or printed, the 100% cotton kitchen towels with Dry Tech and Roll Drap technology are your best companions in your day-to-day culinary adventures.

These kitchen cloths are made of 100% organic cotton, are super absorbent and dry quickly.
Because of their structural fibers they prevent the accumulation of bacteria and give a different touch to your kitchen.

Also, due to their high quality, they can be washed and used frequently without losing their properties.

And if you want to use them in premium services with ice cube trays, the cloth or litho cover will be your perfect solution. Its die adapts easily to the bottle leaving a total coverage between the bottle and the ice bucket. This way it stays fresh for longer, without losing the elegant touch that diners like so much.

In short, if you need quality tea towels, you can find them here, in MonoUso.
Try them and be surprised!

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