Disposable Surgical Mask

Protection and hygiene in some professions is the key point to develop a good job, that's why from Monouso we have created this range of Disposable Masks perfect for use in clinical and food environments, reducing the risk of both environmental contamination and exposure to fluids that may be pathogenic. We also have Cubre Barbas, to protect the chin area, made of polypropylene. 

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Single-layer, three-layer, muzzle mode, muzzle with breathing valve, beard cover or all-around cover, this is how we present the different models of Disposable Masks we offer you to protect your breathing from solid and liquid particles suspended in the air, to protect you from splashes while cooking or operating, and also to protect food or patients from possible hair loss or liquid mites that are triggered by talking. And they're perfect for wearing disposable hats and disposable gloves, protecting food from any body hair.




Disposable masks cannot be washed, reused or shared under any circumstances. The material they are made of can be either Polyethylene or Paper and the parts of it that have to be in contact with the face must be made of soft material.

What kind of disposable masks are there?

Those that protect against splashes or microorganisms

The breathing ones that are in charge of cleaning the air as you breathe, avoiding the inhalation of irritating or contaminating substances.

Those specialized against contagious diseases, organic and chemical vapors or bad odors.

Commonly called as disposable face mask, disposable surgical masks, 3-layer disposable masks etc.

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