Disposable polyethylene plastic gloves

The disposable polyethylene plastic gloves that we have in single use, can be used in daily work for the hospitality industry or gas stations among other places such as light industry, in maintenance of machinery and cars, precise handling and cleaning operations. With these gloves you will be able to protect your hands from abrasive products when cleaning, handling food without fear of contamination, as well as avoiding unnecessary stains. We have different models as you can see below, we have different colors and sizes, with different materials as we also have other models that you will find under the products. Get disposable gloves with very good resistance.

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Highlights of disposable polyethylene gloves

Better grip.
The most economical.
Lightweight protection.

Low cost transparent plastic gloves that will protect you quickly from any kind of dirt. These gloves are to use and throw away quickly, are not to give them a great handling, for that you can choose other models like the ones we show you here below.


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