Disposable vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves are used in the exploration of the sanitary field, medical or dental use, complying with the standard of medical protection gloves (EN 455); It is usually used for this use improving the protection of the patient and the user against any biological and chemical risk, it meets all the requirements for the verification of microbiological safety and low chemical risk (EN 374-2 and EN 374-3). This type of glove is recommended for short duration tasks and with a high frequency of change.

Active filters

Designed for short-term use, vinyl gloves offer an economical alternative to latex while providing an effective temporary barrier against biological contaminants.

Derived from synthetic PVC resins, disposable vinyl gloves do not present the same allergy risk as latex or natural rubber alternatives, making them an attractive option for food preparation and employee safety.




Perfect for short tasks.
Acceptable elasticity and comfort.
Looser fit.
Totally latex-free material.
It is the most economical option.



The powdered gloves are slightly reinforced with cornstarch, making them easier to put on the hands. It is a matter of preference to choose between powder-free gloves and powdered gloves.
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