Disposable Beard Cover

Do you work in a sector where hygiene and safety are paramount and you also wear a beard? Then disposable beard covers are ideal for you. This is a very practical and economical idea to avoid having to shave your beard.

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    Beard covers are an indispensable element for those men who work in a sector where hygiene is of vital importance. In kitchens, food and chemical industries, medical and hospital sectors or laboratories, a contamination could mean a catastrophe and a great loss of income. But the masks cover beards are your salvation.


    They keep you from having to shave
    Maintain hygiene
    Prevent contamination

    The aim of the disposable bumper covers is to protect the chin area to avoid any possible contamination. Monouso is a website where you can buy your beard covers in a fast, simple and economic way. On our website we have polypropylene (TST) beard covers that give the product a lightness and freshness that will avoid discomfort when working. In addition, they are also breathable, which will prevent you from being too hot when using them.

    We have three different models of disposable beard covers: first, the white polypropylene beard cover, with an elastic band for better fit to the face. Secondly, the blue polypropylene covers, also with elastic adjustments to ensure a better fit. And finally, detectable polypropylene covers that allow for the detection of metal pieces that may cause contamination.

    Beard covers Where to buy?
    On our website we have two packages so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs: a package of 100 units and another of 1000 units. Look after the hygiene of your business at the same time as you look after your beard!

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