Roast Chicken Container

Aluminium containers for roast chicken are ideal for serving this type of food and its side dishes. These containers maintain the temperature of the food so they are perfect if you have a take-away business.

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Aluminium chicken containers are very practical, light and economical. That is why they are widely used in businesses such as rotisseries, chicken shops and catering houses. The aluminium in these containers retains heat very well, allowing the customer to take the product home and keep it warm.

Together with their matching carton lid, these disposable aluminum containers are perfect for transporting food from one place to another. They do not allow liquids or grease to leak, so they are very hygienic and there is no danger of spilling their contents. In addition, they have the practical advantage of being able to be thrown away once you have finished using them, allowing you to clean quickly and efficiently.

These aluminium chicken containers are not only used to preserve roast chicken, but also any hot food such as rice or pasta and cold foods such as salads. So, if your business is a catering company or you have a take away or home delivery service, this container can fit your needs perfectly.

At MonoUso we have a wide variety of shapes and sizes of aluminium chicken containers so you can choose the one that best suits your business. Take advantage of the opportunity to offer a good service at a very affordable price!

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