Paper Napkins 30x30cm

Paper Napkins 30x30 are the most used for breakfast, lunch and snacks. They are very soft, elastic, voluminous, resistant and with a high power of absorption and cleaning. The Decorated Paper Napkins that MonoUso offers you are made of paper cellulose joined by an embossing and can be 1, 2 or 3 layers. These Disposable Napkins are perfect for serving meals in bars and restaurants. In MonoUso you will find Paper Napkins of different colors very attractive to choose from.

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    The Paper Napkins 30x30 are the most used in the hotel industry, because of their size, are suitable for the service of not very copious meals and it is very normal to use them for lunches in bars. Surely you have seen how these napkins serve as a wrapper for sandwiches, or even put on top of the plate to serve as a base. These Decorated Paper Napkins are perfect for use on tables or in bars even if you don't have a napkin holder. 

    These 30x30 cm Paper Cloths are available in ecological paper and in white. A simple but more than efficient format. Without a doubt, the 30x30 Tissue Paper Napkins are one of the most widely used because of their versatility and price. What are you waiting for to buy yours? And if these are not the Paper Napkins you are looking for, take a walk through MonoUso, here you will find a wide selection: from 14x14 zigzag Paper Napkins, to other formats such as Kanguro Airlaid Napkins or Airlaid Premium Napkins, which will give a plus of style to your establishment.

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