Aluminium baking moulds

If you are passionate about baking or in your business work with this type of product, aluminum baking molds are perfect for you. At MonoUso we have a wide range of shapes and sizes so you can choose the one that best suits you.

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Your desserts already have a new ally!  The choice of the mold is the key to obtain a good final result in your recipes. That's why aluminium baking moulds will help you cook the best dishes in the most practical and economical way.

Aluminium baking moulds are perfect for baking in the oven because, as they are made of aluminium, they are highly resistant to heat. If you choose to serve this type of food in your premises, aluminium moulds are a safe bet. Moreover, with disposable aluminium moulds, forget about cleaning: once you have finished using them, you will only have to throw them into the container.

Although they are mostly used in baking recipes, these moulds have many more uses. If you have a party or event where you have to serve large amounts of food, aluminum baking molds are a good option. Also, since they can withstand high temperatures, they are perfect for hot foods such as rice and pasta.

At Monouso we have a wide variety of aluminum baking molds for you to cook your best recipes. Choose yours and start cooking!

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