Disposable Bed Sheets

The Disposable Sheets, made of high quality non-woven polypropylene, are widely used in beauty centres, clinics, spas and especially in massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathy centres. Waterproof and absorbent, our Single Use Sheets are suitable for standard 60cm and 70cm stretchers and beds of various sizes, we also have adjustable, non-adjustable cover sheets and sweat sheets. Packed individually for greater hygiene.

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Disposable sheets are widely used in medical care, such as hospitals and clinical centers, as well as in beauty, beauty and massage parlors.

Disposable bed sheets
Disposable bed sheets
Disposable sheets for hotels
Disposable Massage Sheets

In our online store we offer a wide range of disposable sheets of different sizes and formats.

You will also find mats, stretcher rolls and disposable towels.

How do you know the size of our stretcher to choose our disposable sheet?

To know the size of the sheet we need for our stretcher or mattress is necessary:

- Measure the length of it.

- Measure the width of it.

- Add to these measurements the height of the mattress multiplied by 2.

Example: If we have a stretcher or mattress of 200 cm X 80 cm X 10 cm, we will need a sheet of at least 220 cm X 100 cm.







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