Disposable Smocks

Disposable Bibs are children's and adults' best friends when it comes to going out to a restaurant to eat. These Disposable Bibs will give them peace of mind when trying to get the little ones in the house to eat without having to struggle to keep their clothes clean. On our website you will also find the version for adults, so that customers can also enjoy pleasant seafood, succulent lambs or any delicacy that, however tasty, can drip. Our Absorbent Bibs will make sure that customers go home just as they arrived, without a single stain.

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    The disposable bibs, made of plasticized cellulose, are the perfect garment to prevent stains from grease, liquids and other foods from being the best companion to your clothes.  With a special pocket to prevent the user from getting dirty, as it collects the remains of food that fall, these anti-fat aprons to wear and throw will give a touch of distinction to your restaurant, as customers will appreciate the concern about them.


    Paper bibs can be used as:

    Adult disposable bibs
    Disposable drinking bibs 
    Bibs for restaurants
    Our disposable bibs with pockets have a plastic layer to prevent liquids from passing through, are very easy to put on and take off, as they have a series of die-cut strips to hold them in place, and are more hygienic than the usual fabric bib. 

    How is waterproofing achieved?

    Our adult disposable bibs, made of cellulose, have a polyethylene sheet as a barrier against liquids. The most used celluloses are those coming from vegetables, thus helping the environment, since these cellulose pulp aprons coming from the wood of the trees is a biodegradable product. Cotton and hemp are also often used for their manufacture.

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