Biodegradable Cutlery

Biodegradable Cutlery is the most ecological alternative when it comes to sitting at the table. These Sustainable Cutlery are made with materials that do not harm nature and decompose very easily. Among our wide range you will find PLA Biodegradable Cutlery, Natural Wooden Cutlery and Bamboo Cutlery, Bio Serving Cutlery and Bio Snack Skewers and Forks all those disposable and high quality.

To complement these Ecological Cutlery you can also check our Wooden Plates, Sugar Cane Cups, Palm Leaf Plates or Recycled Paper Napkins sections.

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Wooden Cutlery

Wooden cutlery is a more sustainable and economical alternative to traditional disposable utensils, as it is just as useful, more resistant and does not harm the environment, because it disappears without leaving visible or toxic residues. These wooden spoons, forks, knives or ladles, very similar to conventional ones, have a great capacity to withstand high temperatures without deforming.

PLA Cutlery

PLA Biodegradable Flatware has become the ecological brother of traditional Plastic Flatware. Made of biodegradable polymer derived from corn starch, they have a greater resistance to high temperatures.

Bamboo Cutlery

Do you want to surprise your guests with an ecological and elegant option at the same time? Bamboo cutlery is what you are looking for. In MonoUso you will find different models for you to choose the one you like best.

ECO-Friendly Cutlery Set

ECO-Friendly cutlery sets are a more sustainable and ecological alternative to traditional disposable utensils. They are just as useful, more resistant and environmentally friendly, because they disappear without leaving any visible or toxic residues.

These Sustainable Cutlery Sets are made with materials that do not harm nature and decompose very easily.

Among our wide range you will find PLA Biodegradable Flatware Kit, Natural Wooden Flatware Set and Bamboo Flatware Set. All these high quality biodegradable disposables.

Biodegradable Tasting Cutlery

The Biodegradable Serving Set is the ideal accessory to complete the service of the most demanding tables, where diners can comfortably dispose of any type of food. Without leaving aside the care of the environment, the Biodegradable Salad Servers and Biodegradable Serving Tongs offer a surprising quality that will not disappoint anyone. Still have doubts?

What kind of Cutlery is Biodegradable?

The Biodegradable Cutlery is the one that is discarded by living organisms and have the faculty to reintegrate to soil by the environmental action. The Ecological Cutlery that we offer here do not take more than half a year to decompose and help the natural regeneration.

Types of Biodegradable Cutlery

PLA Biodegradable Cutlery: Similar to Plastic Cutlery but 100% of vegetable origin, withstand temperatures up to 45 º C.

Natural Wooden Cutlery: More resistant than the traditional disposable cutlery, it is much more practical and hygienic, because it is a disposable supply. Here you will find everything from traditional Wooden Cutlery Sets to Bio Snack Skewers and Forks, Ice Cream or Coffee Spoons and a Complete Victorian Style Cutlery, also known as Classic Wooden Cutlery.

Bamboo Cutlery: With a cleaner and more natural look, this Ecological Cutlery offers a more modern and resistant design. You will be able to choose between Bamboo Spoons, Bamboo Cutlery Set and Bio Serving Cutlery.

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