PLA Cutlery

PLA Biodegradable Flatware has become the ecological brother of traditional Plastic Flatware. Made of biodegradable polymer derived from corn starch, they have a greater resistance to high temperatures.

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From Spoons to Complete Cutlery Sets, these PLA Biodegradable Cutlery Sets have become the best allies of our ecosystem. With high grammage and great hardness, this Sustainable Cutlery can withstand temperatures that can exceed 45ºC.

Why choose PLA Biodegradable Flatware?

Because PLA Biodegradable Flatware protects the environment, as it perfectly replaces traditional Plastic Flatware, but in this case, it degrades in a maximum period of 90 days. The raw material of which they are composed is a recyclable, renewable resource and its use brings a saving of CO2.

From MonoUso we recommend the use of these cutlery contributing to the elimination of waste and to have our ecosystem cleaner and more sustainable.

If you are one of those who are aware of the environment, do not hesitate to accompany these cutlery with any of our ecological products such as Palm Leaf Plates, Sugar Cane Glasses or Ecological Paper Napkins.

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