Disposable Sushi Chopsticks

Oriental cuisine has become a world reference when it comes to enjoying international cuisine, that's why from MonoUso we want you to feel like an inhabitant of the country of the rising sun and we offer you these Sushi Sticks ideal for eating Chinese noodles, spring rolls, makis, sasimis and a great variety of Asian culinary delights. Also known as Chopsticks, these Disposable Cutlery, should be comfortable to use and are the Bamboo Cutlery used in Asian restaurants.

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Sushi sticks should be comfortable for use by the inexperienced. Also known as Chinese Chopsticks, Bamboo Sticks are suitable for Asian restaurants, although they can also be purchased for private use.

Disposable Chopsticks are a pair of small straight sticks of similar length that have become the cutlery traditionally used in China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. Chinese Chopsticks are usually made of wood, bamboo, metal, bone, ivory and now also plastic.

Classes to know how to use Sukhi Chopsticks

They should first be held between the thumb and the other fingers of the right hand. As a crab, the Asian Chopsticks are used as tongs to pick up portions of the food, which is brought to the table prepared in small pieces cut for this purpose, or to drag the rice and other small food particles into the mouth from the bowl.

Chopsticks can be held with either hand, but in Eastern countries they are seen as a dirty act, because in the Far East, as well as in Muslim countries, the left hand is used for hygiene activities and the right hand for eating with disposable chopsticks, even by left-handers.

A simple design for an elegant cutlery

Two thin rods, the areas of the ends being less than one square centimeter, and varying the length, one slightly less than the other. The smaller ends are those that touch the food and the big ones end in a shovel to facilitate the pincer movement.

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