Electric Hand Dryers

Your bathrooms have a new ally! With the electric bathroom dryers you will save time and money while giving your business toilets some class and appeal.

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High traffic bathrooms such as those in restaurants, hotels, airports, theatres or offices require electric hand dryers to allow hands to be dried quickly and efficiently. In addition, they will allow you to save on the purchase of paper and a lot of time cleaning and replacing it. 


You save on paper.
Great resistance.
Optimum performance-consumption ratio.
Fast drying.
Adds appeal to your bathrooms along with an automatic wall soap dispenser.

The electric hand dryers are very resistant and are designed to withstand continuous use. Our model of electric hand dryer with automatic sensor makes it even more practical. Its optical detector will provide greater comfort to your customers.

Our electric hand dryers are very powerful and allow a fast drying so that customers do not lose their precious time. In addition to its practicality, these hand dryers have a modern design that will provide your bathrooms with the elegance and attractiveness that is essential for your customers to go to the bathroom at ease.

The electric hand dryers have a very competitive price. Their high resistance and optimal performance-consumption ratio make them a very profitable long-term investment.

If you are looking to buy a cheap electric hand dryer in MonoUso you can find the ideal one for you. On the one hand we have a white electric hand dryer with an excellent quality-price ratio. This is a classic electric hand dryer typical of businesses such as bars or restaurants that have a medium to high flow of people. On the other hand, we also have a stainless steel electric hand dryer at a more than economical price.

You will give your customers the care they deserve!

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