Disposable Boots Covers

Is hygiene and protection essential in your work? Then the smartest choice will be to choose our disposable boot covers. Here's why.

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Disposable plastic boot covers are a popular choice for businesses where safety and hygiene are paramount. Many hospitals, health centers, laboratories, cleaning services, livestock, food and chemical industries already rely on them.

Disposable boot covers are:

Easy to use.
Our polyethylene boot covers ensure protection and cleanliness at work and also protect the footwear and act as a hygienic-sanitary barrier. Thanks to their single-use quality, these boot covers provide an extra point of cleanliness, since when you finish using them you only have to throw them into the corresponding container.

The disposable plastic boot covers are made of polyethylene and are waterproof and hypoallergenic, so you can do your work without discomfort or inconvenience.

In MonoUso we have two models of this type of disposable shoes. On the one hand we have our transparent disposable boot covers and on the other hand the white disposable boot covers that have the advantage of having a blue reinforced sole. Both models are one size fits all and have an elastic for a better fit, so that the boot does not slide down and you can work comfortably.

The disposable and waterproof boot covers are very easy to put on and use, so you won't have to take much time to put them on and take them off. In addition, thanks to their high resistance your shoes will be safe from any rubbing or scratching. On our website you will find packages of 10, 50, 500 or 200 pairs, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Take advantage of the opportunity and protect your feet!


Where to buy boot covers?
On our website you can see the plastic boot cover that best suits your needs.


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