Drink Stirrers

Drink Mixers and Coffee Stirrers are indispensable in restaurants, cafeterias, bars and take away establishments. Available in different sizes, materials, colors and shapes, we invite you to discover our range of Drink Mixers and Coffee Stirrers that, manufactured under the best plastic and biodegradable materials, offer an exquisite service in the consumption of all types of beverages.

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Mixed Drink Stirrers

The main activity of the Beverage Agitators, known as Cup Stirrers or Cocktail Stirrers, is to accompany our drink and stir it to mix the flavor and the different temperatures of the products. On our website you can complement these stirrers with the Cocktail Cups, the Reusable Gin Tonic Cups or our PS Hard Plastic Cups in various sizes, designs and colors.

Coffee Stirrers

Coffee is one of the most demanded drinks by the customers of bars, restaurants and vending machines, that's why the quality of the Coffee Agitators and Disposable Pallets that people will need to stir their tea, coffee or infusion is very important. On our website we offer a wide range of these disposable stirrers, from wooden pallets to plastic removers of different sizes and colors. 

coffee spoons

Having coffee served without the spoon can be uncomfortable. It's the little things that make a difference. So don't forget to complement your cutlery with the little ones in the house: the dessert and coffee spoons. Show your customers that you take care of every detail!

At Monouso we invite you to improve the experience of consuming coffees, smoothies, juices and cocktails with our Coffee Stirrers and Drink Mixers . A wide range of Beverageware available in different materials, formats and colors.

Wooden Coffee Stirrers, Plastic Stirrers, Vending Stirrers and Wrapped Coffee Stirrers will become indispensable in restaurants, bars, take away establishments, cafeterias and offices, for their practicality and versatility.

The Mixers and Stirrers seek to stir beverages in order to mix flavors and temperatures. But this is not all! Drink Mixers and Coffee Stirrers will, in many cases, bring a touch of elegance and distinction.

Black, white, transparent and under simple and elegant lines or fluorescent, green and metallic colours with exotic and fun shapes; in this section you will find Drink Mixers and Coffee for all tastes, situations, decorations and environments. What more could you ask for?

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