Pastry Containers

Cake and Pie Packs are perfect for displaying, serving and transporting your desserts in a convenient and safe manner. Available in different sizes, shapes, materials and finishes, Cake Pie Packs, Cake Lid Trays, Cake Boxes and Cake Boxes make up a great range of Disposable Cake Packs. The finish on our Disposable Cake Products is ideal for your sweetmeats to look great inside their Cake Packaging, perfectly protected from the outside. Still have doubts?

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The Cake and Pastry Packaging from Monouso makes up a wide range of Disposable Pastry Products that will adapt to any need.

Highly demanded in bakeries, ovens and cafeterias, our Plastic and Cardboard Cake and Cake Packaging, although manufactured in different materials, have a surprising finish that will allow your sweets to look perfect. So you can use the Cake Packs not only to serve and transport, but also to display your pieces in shop windows and on counters. 

Cake Serving Containers, Transparent Cake Boxes, Cardboard Cake Boxes, Cake Boxes and Cake Trays with Lids, form a wide range of Disposable Dessert Containers with which you can save time, money and convenience; because with these Disposable Products for Sweets, you only have to worry about Using and Disposing.

At Monouso, we want to satisfy all your needs in terms of Cake and Pastry Packaging, and that's why we present you with an ideal combination of Plastic Cake and Pastry Boxes that will be very useful in take-away food services, and bakery product outlets.

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