Pastry Boxes

Our Pasta, Cookie and Cake Boxes are ideal for bakery shops, so you can serve your sweets in a comfortable and safe way. These Pastry Boxes can be used to transport all kinds of pastry products and in many cases they are the best way to make a gift, since Tea Pastry Boxes are the perfect detail if you are invited to a celebration. With our Pastry Boxes the sweetness will be guaranteed!

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Our Cardboard Biscuit Boxes are the indispensable Pastry Boxes for your Pastry Shop. These Biscuit Boxes can be used as Pastry Boxes and Cake Boxes and have a wide and varied use.

A Cookie Box is a different and elegant way to give something sweet and brighten up the day of someone special. We have Decorated or Plain Cookie Boxes in different sizes. So, taking into account that you already have Pasta, Cookie and Cake Boxes, now you just have to choose what to fill them with!

Pasta Boxes are excellent for both bakeries and individuals.  And if you need other types of Cake Packaging, don't hesitate to check out our range of Cake and Pie Boxes, Candy and Chocolate Boxes, Cake Trays, Goffer Trays and Cupcake and Muffin Boxes.

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