White Paper Napkins

Flat Paper Napkins are the most economical, and are normally used in the hospitality industry to wrap sandwiches or to serve all kinds of food on plates, from lids, to snacks, bread or pieces of pastries. These Sulphite Flat Napkins are ideal because they absorb the fat from any food you serve in your business. Available in various formats and in packs of 750 units.

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Today, Flat Paper Napkins are essential in any hospitality establishment and even for your home. They are inexpensive, disposable and play a key role in wrapping or serving as the basis for a wide variety of foods. There is one characteristic that especially defines Flat Paper Napkins and that is their great absorption capacity and resistance to grease, a feature that makes them the indispensable resource for serving snacks and all kinds of food in your catering business.

You can complement these Flat Napkins with any of the Take Away packaging you will find on our website. And if your business is to serve fried, accompany this product with any of our Snack Forks and Skewers.

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